From micro-fiction to short stories to novels, my writing has spanned the breadth of what fiction has to offer. It is my passion and every day that I sit down to write, I am living my dream. To create something out of a words using my own voice, my own unique writing style and have others read it and find their own meaning in my passages brings me great pleasure and makes all the hard work of getting those words on paper that much more worth the effort. But I would write anyway, even if no one read a single word. I would continue to create stories and listen to my imagination because it has a very important tale to tell. So many tales to tell. The more I learn, live and love, my imagination grows. Boundless tales await my pen. I have only to sit and listen and write.

Mystic Illuminations, a literary journal (outside link)
Immortal Gypsy, a novel
Zephyr of Ashes, a short story
A Thousand Cranes, a short story (outside link)
Micro Fiction, flash fiction

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