Writing Goals for the New Year

I’m a little behind in coming up with my new year’s writing goals for the New Year, but better late than never. This year is going to be a whirlwind of writing and my fingertips are going to be on fire with the words that flow from them! I have so many ideas that want to come out of me and this year, I am making my writing a priority. I have a new career path that will allow me the flexibility to schedule in writing time and work! Thank you, Mary Kay!

Writing Goals, in order of priority (although some can be done simultaneously):

  • Write every day.
  • Finish revisions to the beginning of my novel, Leaves of the Immortal.
  • Find an agent for my novel, Leaves of the Immortal.
  • Complete revisions to my novel, The Nalla Gypsy.
  • Finish the short story that I’ve been writing about the mind warrior.
  • Write the short story about the faery garden that I’ve been planning.
  • Write the short story about the fortune-teller that I have the idea for.
  • Write a book length collection of flash fiction stories with a fantasy element that are all 400 words.
  • Complete second novel in the Leaves of the Immortal series.
  • Start research for the other novel that I’ve been planning.

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