The Unearthly Truth About Nicola Zaro

When young Greek-American photographer Nicola Zaro discovers she has supernatural powers passed down through her bloodline, she is launched into a treacherous adventure that will become a fight for her life.

A Novel

The Winged Victory of Samothrace
The Winged Victory of Samothrace
Nicola Zaro’s unearthly powers, dormant within her bloodline, have been unleashed. Her seemingly ordinary life in San Francisco as a photographer is shattered on her thirtieth birthday when a mysterious vision appears in her bathroom mirror, followed by the claw-like grip of suffocation, making it clear that ordinary is no longer part of her vocabulary. Teleporting, mind reading and self-healing meant little to her a few days ago, but now, she grapples to learn her family secrets, control her new powers, and figure out who or what is trying to kill her.

Nicola struggles to decipher the meager clues she’s been given when suddenly, with the aid of Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory, she is hurled through time to ancient Athens where she attempts to unravel an age-old mystery embroiled in the mythology of the Sphinx and her riddles. She battles the evil sorceress intent on stopping her before she can complete the task set before her and she meets an enigmatic, blue-eyed stranger who may just complicate her ability to win. On this momentous birthday, Nicola will discover that her ancestral abilities are not the only things that will transcend time. As she embarks on the deadly journey, she learns it’s more than her own life she must struggle to save.

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