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Sitting down to write and staring at the blank page is such a challenge for many writers, including me. I tend to go back and reread what I have already written from the day before. I tell myself that’s because I need a jumping off point to start writing for today, but is that just procrastination for starting writing? Perhaps all I really need to do is reread the very last sentence in order to fuel the creative juices and get going on this new day of creativity. In any case, getting those first words out and onto paper is hard sometimes.

My mind is still thinking of a million other things from other areas of my life when I first sit down to write. So, how do you get yourself into the mode of writing? I mean, how do you really immerse yourself into the craft and block out all of the other, unnecessary business of life that you want to leave behind when you write?

Here are some of my ideas:

  • Perhaps you do start by rereading a passage that you’ve already written; this could get you back into your characters and the voice of the story.
  • You could take a look at some of your research to get yourself thinking about your chosen topic.
  • Start, before you begin the actual project you are working on, to do a little free writing just to get into the writing frame of mind. I also think that this could generate ideas for your story that you could incorporate later!
  • Grab a writing exercise book and choose one that you find motivating and just do it to begin your writing session for the day; then begin your current writing project. Again, I think this could bring forth a myriad of new ideas to your current work.
  • Follow Writing Prompts (@writingprompt) on Twitter to help you generate ideas to begin writing.

writer's block

Today is Day 11 of the 30-Day Writing Challenge with Autumn and we are both working hard on our writing every day. For me, I can say that some days writing has been much easier than others; some days have been much more prolific than others. For example, I did write this weekend, but my word count was much less than the days during the week, which surprised me greatly. Although, I think the reason is that I am at a place in my story that I need to choose where I am taking it and I have yet to make that choice. Utilizing some of the tools I mentioned above will help me, I know, move forward and complete my project!

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