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Are you involved in a writing group of some kind? If you are, good for you! If not, you should be. They can be very motivating when you hobnob with other writers.  I know you are saying, but Dawn, I’m so unmotivated, because I was, too.  I’m involved in an active writing group that meets for critique, discussion and other fun events several times a month. I also try to attend other literary events around town as my schedule allows. Last month, I read a new short short at Poems, Prose and Pints at Dressel’s Pub in the Central West End of St. Louis. If you can just make that first foray into the unknown, into the new, inspiring world of your local writing community, you will find it has a great deal to offer–I know it. It could be a place to share your own writing with others, hear what other writers are working on, perform your work in front of an audience, get crucial feedback on your writing, and even attend workshops on the writing craft or publishing world. Check out what is available in your area.

Tips for Getting Involved in Your Writing Community:

Start simple. Make your community group goal something you can adhere to on a consistent basis. For example, start out with a workshopping group where you garner feedback on your writing from others every other week. Don’t add other events until you feel comfortable with the amount of time you are spending doing this one thing.

Branch out. When you have built up your level of motivation and confidence, in both your writing and your self, add some events to your writing community. Go to some writing events. Read your work in front of an audience. You can do it! Attend some speaker events if they are available in your area.

Make it happen. If you find that there is nothing available where you live, start your own critique group with a small circle of people. There are a lot of ways to advertise your new group free of charge over the internet–Craigslist or, for example.

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