NaNoWriMo Day 12 and Unstable Writers tonight!

22,005 words
22,005 words so far of The Nalla Gypsy
This is week two of National Novel Writing Month and today I have 22,005 words of my new novel, Midnight Gypsy completed. This week the words have come out of me like a torrent. I have simply been trying to keep up my typing skills with what is going on in my imagination. It has been great fun. Every day, I get new ideas for the novel and I’m making furious notes for things that I want to go back and add in later to the parts that I have already written. I’m a constant note taker when writing of new ideas that pop up and keep checklists of things that I’ve accomplished already. My current note keeper is Evernote. Although I used to use 5×7 index cards, but now I can have my notes with me wherever I go. I love that.

Tonight is our writing workshop for Unstable Writers and my favorite Haiku poet, Ben Moeller-Gaa will be sharing five of his new Haiku. I will also be sharing something—my recently completed short story, A Thousand Cranes. I’m anxious and curious to get my friends’ feedback on this piece. I have seldom shared short fiction with the group because mostly I have workshopped my novel, Leaves of the Immortal. So, I am very much looking forward to getting criticism of some of my other writing. I’ll be preparing a scrumptious hummus bar for the event this evening. It is going to be a very fun night. As always, it’s a joy to be around other writers talking about the way of our craft as well as other interesting topics.

If you had any doubt at all, writers are fun.

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