Introduction to The House of Muses: Part 1, The Muses

Welcome to the House of Muses

I’m so glad you’ve decided to stop by for a visit to my site. You are probably wondering what the House of Muses is and what in the heavens House of Muses means. House of Muses is a blog for people with bipolar disorder and other mental illness to find articles and resources to assist them in their daily struggles with their illnesses. It’s a place where friends, family members and even complete strangers can come to learn more about bipolar disorder and mental illness to help those trying to cope, to become more knowledgeable and especially to end the stigma surrounding mental illness in this world.

You might be right to be confused about the House of Muses meaning, except that it is quite literal. My house is full of Muses, so I thought this name a perfectly fitting title for my blog. Still confused? I thought so. Let me explain. Listed below you will find short biographies of The Muses of the House of Muses that exist as characters in my mind, but manifest in my imagination as real people, as shown below, as well as my Allies in my Shamanic practice, who all assist me in my daily management of my bipolar disorder and are certainly Muses in my daily life. I’ll introduce my Allies later in Part 2 in a separate post.

The Heart of the House

I have bipolar disorder and so my head is full of many wonderful things at all times and so is my life, including other mental disorders that go along with my bipolar disorder. With the bipolar disorder I cycle through bouts of mania and major depression and my creativity flows in waves along with these cycles as well. I have had disordered eating since I was a teenager and a full-blown eating disorder since the age of 18. Later in life, I developed anxiety disorder. I’ve always been exceptionally smart, so even though I can tell you I have some wisdom, I cannot attest to my common sense, so I’ll leave that be. I also am two years sober from alcohol addiction. I’m less sober than that from prescription drug addiction via suicide attempts, but we can get into that in later posts. The point is that many bipolar people face challenges with alcohol and drug addictions. Now that you have met the THINGS that my Muses embody in my life, let’s meet the Muses themselves.

Meet and Greet the Muses

MelancholyThe Muse of Major Depression

Melancholy, The Muse of Major Depression

Melancholy is my oldest friend. I mean, we go way back to my earliest memories in girlhood. She’s always been, and so she has become, the ultimate caretaker in my life. She’s that friend I can always rely upon. Plus, she’s always got something up her sleeve to try to make me feel better (or so she thinks). And how does she look so good while doing it? I can never figure that one out. Even after all these years together, she never changes. It’s like she’s perpetually 29 years old—the age I found I was bipolar.

NatashaThe Muse of Mania

Natasha, The Muse of Mania
Natasha is my blue-haired, sexually forward, always moving, shopping fanatic friend. Yes, she’s trouble with a capital T, but man is she fantastic to be around. Except when she isn’t. Then, I don’t mind if I do slam that door in her face, but it’s not quite that easy to get rid of her once she shows up. But mostly she’s a blast and I love having her visit me. Except that one time she absolutely had me believing it was a great idea to go buy a car on a Monday morning for $35,000, which I didn’t have and couldn’t even afford the $550 per month payments on, but somehow she convinced the sales rep to let us walk out the door with my shiny new car. Ridiculous situations like that always make me weary when she shows up on my doorstep. She’s the type of friend who definitely has to be managed, or she gets out of control. But she’s great friends with Cherie, The Muse of Creativity, and they often visit me together, which I absolutely adore.

ElixirThe Muse of Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Elixir, The Muse of Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Elixir is my elegant enabler friend who inexplicably always wears that formal Merlot-colored gown and hair and shows up barefoot with alcohol or some form of drugs, whether it be prescription pills or illegal substances. At times, when my situation is really dire, she shows up, not in her corporeal form, but as a bright, Merlot-colored dragonfly who pushes her thoughts directly into my mind.

JadeThe Muse of Anxiety Disorder

Jade, The Muse of Anxiety Disorder

Jade is my shyest friend, who is socially awkward around other people, but who is such a strong person that I admire her so very much. We’ve been friends most of my adult life. She’s a truly kick ass warrior who never ceases fighting for what she believes and she always seems to have a cause that she’s fighting for or struggling against. And, yes, she’s a trained ninja. She’s one of the most powerful women that I have ever come to know.

FaminaThe Muse of Eating Disorders

Famina, The Muse of Eating Disorders

Famina is perfect. Literally. I totally aspire to be like her. Famina is the happiest person I know. She’s a unerring perfectionist in all things, but this only endears her more to me since she puts her whole heart and soul into everything she undertakes. She’s a model, working in print and on the runways all over the world. But I’ve known Famina since girlhood and grew up with her, then we became super, super close, like sisters, in college. We were inseparable. We were the salt and pepper pair that went everywhere and did everything together. We even finished each other’s sentences because we knew one another so well. Although Famina and I are now more independent, we are still very close and keep in constant communication.

CherieThe Muse of Creativity

Cherie, The Muse of Creativity

Cherie is the most diverse, creative and intense person I’ve ever come in contact with and we’ve been friends since the age of eight. She has a fabulous fraternal twin sister, Chanae, and Cherie and Chanae are very close. They are immigrants from France and still travel back and forth from the United States to Paris quite regularly. They have an adorable French accent and do absolutely whatever pleases them.

Cherie is a fabulous writer, but she is an equally skilled artist (you name it, she does it), actor, musician (yes, she plays that, but her favored instrument is the violin because she says it speaks to her the most), pretty much any creative activity, Cherie is brilliant at doing. Her favorite pastime is to get dressed up and go to elegant costume parties.

SophiaThe Muse of Wisdom

Sophia, The Muse of Wisdom

Sophia is the sage woman in my life. She always has some words of advice to offer me and she is always right. She’s like my second mother. Sophia is beyond intelligent, she’s wise. I met Sophia as a kid, when my Momma first taught me to read and she has been a solid mentor ever since. She’s an important woman in my life and I truly cherish our connection. She’s always with me when I’m doing my research, reading or she even teams up with Cherie when I’m writing. They are great friends. In fact, the only other Muse Sophia does not really get along with is Elixir and they clash on many occasions.

In conclusion, you will be encountering these Muses in future posts, both individually and together. As you may imagine, at times, they completely take over my life and I’m going to try to illustrate to you how profound an effect each has on me and in what capacity. My goal by manifesting these disorders or mood states into characters who interact with me daily is that you will be better able to visualize what it is like to live with bipolar disorder and mental illness.

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