Inspired Action and Fear

Since I have begun the 30-Day Writing Challenge with Autumn, I have been writing every day. Today is Day Seven. In our accountability texts to one another yesterday, Autumn asked me if I was energized by our endeavor and I replied, Yes!
In fact, I have so many new ideas, that I am finding it difficult to know where to begin when I sit down to write. Yesterday, I worked both on my new short story as well as on revising an older piece.

Write every day.Writing truly is invigorating! I think that I’ve always, deep down, been afraid of what people would think of my work, so I always kept it close and then that’s probably where the excuses came into play–from my own insecurities about whether or not my writing was good enough. But, the older I get, the less and less I worry about what other people think and the more I trust my own instincts. Not everyone is going to like the way I write. And that is fine. Writing is subjective. I love reading Hemingway, but Jason can’t get past the first chapter of The Sun Also Rises. We are each different and that is OK. There is nothing wrong with having preferences.

My point is that I’ve overcome my fear of delivering my work to a broader audience because I know some will like it and some won’t and it’s all about each individual, not about my work being awful. I enjoy criticism because any feedback makes me a stronger writer. My hope is that you don’t let the criticism beat you down until you stop writing. Instead, hear it, let it roll off, then use it to as a tool to improve your work, if necessary.

Be inspired to write. Pick up a photograph and write about some aspect of it. Choose 3 random words from a book and craft a story from them. And yes, write even if you don’t feel inspired. That’s what the 30-Day Challenge is all about.

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