Immortal Gypsy

Young Tové Morgan is racing against time to rescue her only love from torture before his captors claim her family secrets and kill him. The dangerous secret society that kidnapped Sebastian will stop at nothing to gain possession of Nalla, Tové’s powerful heirloom that makes her family not only magical, but immortal.

Words Carry Magic

but this project is more than just words…it’s the essence of all creativity.

The photographs included on this page are for sample purposes only. They are meant to represent the style and quality of the original photographs that will be taken for the Immortal Gypsy Project.
Immortal Gypsy is more than just a novel…it’s an entire novel experience. My readers will not only read the Immortal Gypsy novel, but also experience the original photographs and graphic design throughout the book, inspired by the text itself.

Plus, they can journey beyond the novel to the website and explore the characters, culture and other essential elements in the novel further, complete with stunning photography and in-depth writings to satiate their cravings for more information about their favorite characters and beloved elements of Immortal Gypsy.

I propose that reading should be a visceral experience, not just reading the words on a page or a tablet, but capturing an experience through visual, captivating imagery and design. With the technology available today, we have the power to create astounding media, photography and graphics that can enhance our reading experiences like our society hasn’t seen in ages. Think back to the beautiful illustrated manuscripts done painstakingly by countless monks.

I envision our books, ebooks and websites taking up the same quality detail of design and craft and combining it with great works of literature to add to the library of literary art throughout the world.

Open the Door to a Novel Experience

What’s Included in Immortal Gypsy, a novel experience?

  • Immortal Gypsy Book, designed including photographs
  • Immortal Gypsy eBook, designed including photographs
  • Immortal Gypsy Audiobook
  • Immortal Gypsy Interactive App
  • Immortal Gypsy Website complete with supplemental character and other novel information as well as original photographs and a live action book trailer

Who is the Immortal Gypsy?

Meet Tové Morgan

Tové Morgan is a gypsy. She roams the world both in hiding and in search of the ancient order. This order seeks to steal her family secrets. Staying in one place too long could mean her unraveling, the spilling of those well-kept secrets, even her own destruction. She has not yet turned eighteen and the ancient cuff——she wears on her wrist must remain there so she may join her family in immortality.

She spends most of her daytime hours studying. Delving into tomes ancient and modern in history, science and philosophy which never ceases to raise the fine hair along her arms. Literature, art, magic and folklore whips her mind into a frenzied excitement. Though this visceral reaction never occurs when Tové studies mathematics, she knows the benefits of precision so she gives this subject it’s due time just to stay ahead in the ever advancing game of hide and seek. In her world, knowledge is power.

Tové spends nights mastering the art of combat; she walks home from the library with every sense alert. Each person’s unique scent of cologne, perfume or body odor lingers with her. Tové remembers each face she passes on the street, each face that follows behind.

In these recording of moments, Tové crashes into Sebastian Benedict. After spilling coffee on her, this young man wins Tové’s heart. Sebastian smells of musk, amber mixed with a hint of something sweet, like honey.

Then, out of nowhere, Sebastian is snatched. With her eighteenth birthday just around the corner, Tové’s world crumbles around her. The order demands or Sebastian dies. Will Tové’s elite training be enough to get Sebastian back or will she lose him forever?

Immortal Gypsy is coming…

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