House of Muses is a blog of inspiration, beauty and well-being for women suffering from bipolar disorder and other mental illness.

A blog for fellow writers to engage in the creative outlet they do best.

A blog about books, and other inspiring stories…

a blog with a heart and mind.

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I delve headlong into the fantastical to create powerful stories that draw you in.

Why I write

To create impactful stories with fictional characters that live, breathe and leap off the page. To create worlds that draw the reader in and make you want to stay. To create unique, engaging stories that captivate, entertain and linger in the reader's memory long after you have gone on to other things.

The boundless, unrestricted possibilities of the urban fantasy genre allows me to create stories outside the limits of reality. The freedom to have my characters walk the earth with inhuman power, interact with the gods and even struggle to survive a Sun Pandemic is a glorious chance to dip my pen into fantasy and come out with a creative story to captivate and delight my readers.

[porto_testimonial name="Rick Bolner" role="Writer"]

I'm always looking to work with people who will "up my game," so to speak. People who will enhance the intellectual and cultural landscape of whatever they're engaged in. People who are just plain smart and talented, and who ultimately, up the game of everyone they encounter. Dawn is one of those people. The thing is, her great stuff--her team spirit, her intellect, her talent--is highly contagious. Do yourself a favor, don't pass up the opportunity to work with Dawn.[/porto_testimonial]

[porto_testimonial name="Mary Ellen Benson" company="Freelance Writer & Editor"]
Dawn Leslie Lenz is an exceptionally talented and versatile professional. She excels as a writer, editor and designer. She is well respected by all who work with her and a great team player. Plus she's a lot of fun to work with.[/porto_testimonial]
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