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National Novel Writing Month
I wake up each morning elated because I know that today I get to write. Very few things make me happier or more excited about life than writing does. This 30-Day Writing Challenge with Autumn has created a momentum in my writing that is going to be the perfect set-up for heading into November which is National Novel Writing Month. Autumn and I are both participating in NaNoWriMo where we endeavor to write a whole novel in 30 days!

I am currently in the planning stages of the novel that I will be writing in November and I have some very exciting plans for that novel which I will reveal later, once all the kinks are worked out of the plan. So stay tuned.

I have already finished one short story this month tentatively titled “A Thousand Cranes,” and am now almost finished with my second brand new short story, tentatively titled “Peregrine Mind Warrior.” I have fantastic ideas for two more stories which I will complete by the end of the month, before NaNoWriMo starts!

This has taken dedication and persistence to write every single day. Admittedly, I have failed some days, but most days have been a raging success and I have brand new work to show for my consistent effort.

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