Dear Mania

I fear you when you sneak
Subtly into my thoughts
You are so sneaky that I miss
The cues of your arrival

Before I know what has happened
Havoc is wrought
In my head
In my body
In my relationships
In my entire life
Because you had to have your day

Let’s make peace
You and I
The time for war is finished
I’m done.

I take back my thoughts
My head
My body
My decisions
My power.
I fear you not.

I propose a new battleground
For your high stakes
You want to create
You want lavishness
You want new and fast and furious
I can give you this on the
Battlefield of the blank page.

No longer will I fear you
Or my thoughts
Because they are my own
You may play with your toys in my

Dawn Leslie Lenz

a writer living in the moment creating stories about the past, present and future.

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