Dawn Leslie Lenz, author
Dawn Leslie Lenz
I have been a writer since the age of eight when I penned my first micro-fiction story about a tiny girl who lived in a tree stump. I have always had a wild imagination and through my writing, I can let my imagination have its way with me. Writing to me is like having air to breathe.

I live, eat and breathe writing. My last two novels, I wrote the rough drafts in 30 days and I loved every single solitary minute of it, even the challenging parts. It’s all indicative of the writing process. Everything that I see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is something that I can use in my writing. Everything I experience, everything I read, everything I overhear–that’s all fodder for my imagination to take flight. And it does! My imagination is an eagle, soaring to the greatest heights.

Welcome to my imagination.

I am a Master of Fine Arts graduate of the Low Residency Creative Writing Program at the University of New Orleans, traveling to Brunnenburg castle in Dorf Tirol, Italy and Madrid, Spain to study writing as well as many other destinations on my own. I’m a member of the International Thriller Writers Association, Missouri Writers’ Guild and Unstable Writers Writing Group. My writing has appeared in journals, books, online, and elsewhere, including The Rambler, The Green Tricycle, Mirror, Mirror: Reflections on the Way We Look (Midmarch Arts Press 2004), and Springfield Magazine, among others. My short story She Flies was published by Untreed Reads Publishing. My short story “Zephyr of Ashes,” an e-book published by Untreed Reads Publishing was a bestseller in August 2011 and is available worldwide.

I am the founder of Mystic Salon, a community organization whose mission is to explore the magic in everything. Part of Mystic Salon is an online esoteric literary journal, Mystic Illuminations where we are intent on exploring the magic through words.

My current literary endeavors are threefold: two novels and a blog project. The first is my novel, Immortal Gypsy, featured in detail on this site. Find out all about what I’m up to and how you can get involved and Become Immortal! The second is a novel featuring a woman experiencing bipolar disorder in flux. The blog is featured on this site and is called House of Muses. Find out all about it here.

I am so blessed to have had a wonderful education in liberal arts, literature, and creative writing:

Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing, University of New Orleans
Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, Missouri State University
Honors Associate of Arts, Liberal Arts, Jefferson University

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