About House of Muses

What is House of Muses?

House of Muses began with the idea that people who have bipolar disorder are actually worth a heck of a lot more than they think they are, even when they aren’t manic and think they’re God (but still then, too). I created this blog to show the bipolar community that you are not in it alone, there are others going through the same struggles, the same highs and the same lows. I created this bog to show the world that there are seemingly endless physical and mental disorders which go along with bipolar disorder and other mental illness, and the heartbreak and champions it takes to survive these challenges. I created this blog to explore and share ideas.

What kind of posts will House of Muses have?

  1. The Muses — these posts are how to simply live a bipolar life and the challenges that are faced in getting to that goal.
  2. My Allies — these posts are all about the various aspects of Shamanism, including each of my Shamanic Allies.
  3. Dawn’s Notes — these are posts written by me about my bipolar experiences and what I’ve learned along the way, or education, reviews, and/or inspiration to live the best life you can.
  4. Project Illumination — these are posts about Mysticism, philosophy, current events, big ideas, whatever is on my mind that has me thinking big thoughts, because I figure you probably are too.
  5. Guest Authors — these are posts written by guest authors who have bipolar disorder or another mental illness who are sharing their story on House of Muses
  6. In a Flash Fiction — these are my portfolio items which consist of my flash fiction shorter than 500 words.
  7. The Short Story — these are my portfolio items which consist of my short stories longer than 500 words.
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