30-Day Writing Challenge

This past weekend, I had lunch with Autumn Rinaldi of autumnthewriter.wordpress.com, the very talented, highly prolific writer from my writing group, Unstable Writers. We were discussing how much we loved the craft and how much we wanted to produce more work. In the course of our conversation, we made a pact to write every day for 30 days, no matter what time it is, no matter what else is going on in our lives, no matter how many or how few words we put on paper–the goal being to get our butts in the chair and create!

In graduate school, my thesis professor, Joseph Boyden, told me to write every day and I have never forgotten his advice. Up until Saturday, when I made this commitment with Autumn, I always made excuses for myself about my writing and why I couldn’t follow Joseph’s advice. This thing or that thing takes priority over writing time, surely, doesn’t it? I need to spend time with family, go grocery shopping, pet my cat, paint my toenails (it’s sandal season, after all!), watch the latest TV show, go to that festival everyone’s been raving about, go to happy hour and so on and so on…the list of excuses never ends. When really, none of that is more important than writing.

Writing is integral to my creative and mental health. I’ve seen it just in the past 5 days since I’ve had writing as a daily routine where it was absent before. Today, I got up at 5:15am so I could write because I couldn’t wait to get back to my characters. And for anyone who knows me, 5:15am is a time I don’t see very often unless I’m catching an early morning flight out of town.

Take my advice, write every day. Even if it is one sentence. That’s as much as I wrote on Day One of our challenge and I’m proud of my accomplishment because I sat down and did it! I crafted that one sentence out of nothing and it has been the beginning of something fabulous…

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